Susantha Ranasinghe
Pagoda Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

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Nugegoda Ayurvedic Clinic
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Susantha Ranasinghe
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Dr. Rohana Priya Susantha Ranasinghe (Phd)
D.S.A.M.S. / B.A.C. Pg.D.) / M.A.B.A.C. University of Kelaniya

Dr. R.A.R.P. Susantha Ranasinghe [PhD, D.S.A.M.S., B.A.C.(Pg.D.), M.A.B.A.C.] is an outstanding Ayurvedic physician and researcher who championed the cause of traditional and hereditary knowledge of herbal medicine especially in the treatment of infertility. We have a an Ayurveda Medical Center For Male and Female Fertility. We have demonstrated successful outcomes through our Ayurveda protocol.

Our ability is male infertility has never been stronger. It is entirely possible that, now we are able to increase sperm count and quality by using Ayurvedic drugs to normally fertilize an egg. The steps in such a process are very complex and not understood at present. Once the process is mastered, however, in near future male infertility will become a thing of the past.

Overview of Nugegoda Ayurvedic Male Infertility Center and Ayurvedic Clinic
As the new millennium opens up undreamed of exciting marvels in technology, humanity leaps forward to reach moon & mars. Unfortunately, their ailments, disorders, disabilities, & diseases also leap forward with multiple intensity.
The modern medicine is in the crossroads today unable to answer diverse range of human ailments, while the world is entering the new millennium with a rapidly changing socio-economic system.
Throughout the world at this juncture, men & women are turning towards alternative systems of medicine, in search of answers to their sufferings. Center for male infertility and Ayurvedic hospital Sri Lanka steps in here to fill in the void, to cure the incurable through "Herbalism" – and unique system of medicine, recognized worldwide.
There are numerous doctors, physician, practitioners & healers to treat every common ailment. Using herbs in the treatment of diseases & rejuvenate body systems dated back to the earliest periods of known human history. Even herbs & plants are credited with mystical & super natural powers of healing & revitalizing body systems.
Our unique treatments are based & backed by eminent physicians with traditional knowledge, hundreds of year’s long hereditary expertise and ceaseless effort of research. According to our Doctors, today Ayurvedic system identified nearly 35000 herbs & plants from which evolved many successful remedies.
Our founder an outstanding Ayurvedic physician & researcher Dr. Susantha championed the cause of Ayurvedic herbalism in the northern parts of rural India and brought the benefit of Ayurveda.This tradition & hereditary knowledge & expertise is the backbone of herbal alternative Infertility clinic. The clinic is a research and development Center currently focusing on disorders of the male reproductive tract, such as male Infertility. Research provides male for Semen Analyses and male infertility diagnostics.
Application of those methods has led to the development of new avenues of research into additional diagnostic approaches for detection of diseases in male reproductive tract organs.

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