Angela Perger,
Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States
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Simple Ayurveda
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Angela Perger,
Chronic Pain
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Angela Perger

I’m here because I am passionate about sharing Ayurveda’s power to heal. I blog and podcast about Ayurveda, Yoga, motherhood, and minimalism because these topics continue to transform my life.

I've used Ayurveda and Yoga to heal my own ulcerative colitis and I’m bursting at the seams to share how you can incorporate this amazing ancient science into your own life.


My health story started 15 years ago in college when a serious case of mono led to a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and the extremely rare autoimmune condition primary sclerosing cholangitis. My top-notch university doc told me I’d need meds for the rest of my life, a liver transplant within 10 years, and oh- no kids either.

After a few days of self-pity, I started to put all of my energy into “fixing the problem”. Over the years I’ve tried eating vegan, mostly raw, paleo, gluten-free and GAPS. I’ve done it all with vengeance.

Pittas know how to commit when they believe in something.

I also met with an Ayurvedic counselor in 2012, drove hours to attend a five-day digestive health seminar with top nutritionists, met with two different naturopathic doctors, an acupuncturist, and a few more department heads of top hospitals.

Nothing worked to create true health and wellness. That original Ayurvedic counselor? Maybe I wasn’t ready. Maybe we didn’t click.

Meanwhile, I started practicing Yoga while working as an inner-city school teacher. Yoga transformed the way I looked at life and handled stress. I started teaching Yoga to kids and adults in 2010. I’ve studied all types of Yoga and have created and facilitated training in Yin, prenatal and kids Yoga, making Yoga accessible to many different types of people.

Becoming pregnant in 2012 filled me with joy and fear. Practicing Yoga every day empowered me to face my fear of birth, hire a doula and trust myself to believe I was capable.

Motherhood also led to overwhelming and loneliness. I found support in online groups and my love affair with minimalism was born. Getting rid of physical clutter made me feel lighter and happier. Just being able to easily open a kitchen drawer made cooking that much more fun.

Motherhood also rekindled my natural affection for the outdoors. Toddlers definitely cry a little bit less in the fresh air. I now live in a cozy beach town on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

My medical tests show no evidence of ulcerative colitis and my liver is just fine despite the label of a chronic autoimmune condition. I still see my docs twice a year to check-in, but I am the one in control of my own vitality.

I’m here to share how you can start incorporating Ayurveda into your life right now. Start with What is Ayurveda or click the button below to download the Modern Day Dosha Quiz. There’s also the free Facebook community where you can browse through discussions. I work with a small amount of one-on-one clients. You can read about that here.

Follow me on IG for a glimpse of everyday life following the principles of Ayurveda. Listen to The Simple Ayurveda Podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Traveling is my other passion and I would love to visit your local Yoga studio or surf shop to facilitate a workshop. Email me if you’re interested in meeting up!

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