Dr. Shivani Sood,
Bhagsu Nag, Mcleodganj, Upper Dharamshala Distt. Kangra (HP) 176219
Years of experience 18

Total years in practice: 18

Practice Name
Shivani Ayurveda
Practitioner Name
Dr. Shivani Sood,
Allergies | Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Digestive Health | Thyroid Health | Weight Problems
About me

Dr. Shivani Sood

I am an Ayurveda doctor with 18+ years of work experience. I had thousands of 1:1 consultations, 36 international projects in Europe and the US and I actively work in my clinic in India. All of that made me realize one thing – at a certain point, we all have to learn how to express ourselves, take care of our emotions, health and build meaningful relationships.

I am a wife and mother, who enjoys all the aspects femininity brings and understands it struggles as well. I strive to live a full-filled life building a meaningful relationship with my family and my beautiful students, patients, and clients.

Currently, I offer Online courses for Holistic health practitioners to train in  Ayurvedic consultancy, offer Holistic Consultation and Coaching for High performers and organize lectures and workshop which promote Ayurveda in an applicative form in the modern society.


  • Doctor degree, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(B.A.M.S.), from a reputed Govt. University in Maharashtra

  • M.D. (A.M.) Master in Alternative Science

  • Diploma in Food and Nutrition

  • Masters in NLP


  • Registered with the Central Indian Medical Council in Mumbai, Practitioners Act Maharashtra

  • Registered in Himachal Board of Ayurvedic Practitioners

  • Honorary Member of Polish Association of Ayurveda

  • Professional Member of NAMA America


  • 18+ years of experience as an Ayurveda doctor

  • Sound knowledge of the Western world and of the original Ayurveda.

  • 36 international projects – including being a lecturer at Kaua’ i Wellness Expo in 2009, headed by Dr. Deepak Chopra

  • Several consultant training conducted in India – the source and origin of Ayurveda

  • Author of a book: “Maternity with Ayurveda about emotions and feelings which come with motherhood and how to handle them”

  • Author of several workshops on such topics as: Ayurvedic psychology

  • Communication and relationship building

  • Digestive system and how to make it better

  • Metabolism and how to kick it out from there.

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