Dr. Maria florencia D antonio,
Avenida José Laguillo, 23, Seville, Spain
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

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maria florencia d'antonio
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Dr. Maria florencia D antonio,
English | Spanish
About me

i'm a doctor and I work in the fields of Ayurveda and nutrition. I study in argentina and india My name is Maria Florencia D'Antonio, I am 31 years old and since I was little, I always knew that medicine was the profession to which I wanted to dedicate myself.

Within the health area, the idea was always in me that diseases could not always be solved with drugs, and that other treatments were necessary.

Throughout the training process, Ayurveda Medicine emerged, in an almost magical way, a specialty in which I have been training for 5 years.

With this new tool that changed my life, my goal is to help those who require it, to travel the "Path of Life" with greater vitality and happiness.

  • provide an Integrative, Ayurvedic and Nutrition Medicine service in person and remotely, with the aim of helping people, whether healthy or sick, to recover or improve their health, with non-invasive, non-harmful and low-cost treatments. .

  • Teach effective tools in relation to diet, physical activity and mental harmony, so that the person can self-manage their own health, and so that they are directly responsible for their own well-being

  • To be a reliable reference and committed to people's health, providing ancestral therapeutic tools of Ayurveda Medicine, adapted to the environment of each person, and to the western community. 

  • In relation to my personal growth and development, I have delved into Astrology, Vipassana Meditation, Reiki, Ho'ponopono Technique, Master Plants, Breaths, Family Constellations, Akashic Records and treatment with Bach Flowers. In addition, I have also drawn on Buddhist texts.
    He then detailed my formal studies:

    • Physician Graduated from UNLP

    • Master in Nutrition from UNLP

    • Postgraduate in Ayurveda Medicine at Fundacion Ayurveda Prema

    • Phytotherapy Postgraduate at Ayurveda Prema Foundation

    • Ayurveda Medicine Postgraduate in Kerala, India

    • Reiki Usui level 1

    • Currently studying Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine

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