Dr. Ela tripathi Rasal,
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

Practice Name
Dr. Ela Tripathi Rasal
Practitioner Name
Dr. Ela tripathi Rasal,
Hormone Health | Infertility | Thyroid Health
English | Hindi
About me

Specialization - Ayurveda

Education - BAMS ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) Pune , India

Since 2012 is worked with Different renowned Ayurvedic Practitioners for about 6 years.Also done 1 year of Internship in Rural & Urban areas of Maharashtra, India. She is trained in Panchakarma Procedures . 2018 She started her own Clinic and running successfully

Her mission is to make Ayurveda Globalised & Cure People who are suffering from Chronic illness.She has special concerns about Child Health & hence runs Suvranparshan Prashan ( Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Dose) Program successfully every Month .

She got distinction in her academic Swasthavritta Subject which deals with Hygiene , Yoga & Naturopathy.

She herself is a Pranayama & Yoga lover .

She truly believes that Food , quality of sleep & Code of Conduct are the key elements in curing any Diseases.

She has spoken on various platforms about Women Health Issues, Child Health & On chornic illnesses to spread Awareness among people about Ayurveda.

She always prefers to cure Patients by giving each individual a fresh combination of Herbs.

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