Dr. Daya Ganesh,
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Nulife Polyclinic, Lodha Heaven, Dombivali (E), Maharashtra, India
Years of experience 21

Total years in practice: 21

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dr. Daya Ganesh
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Dr. Daya Ganesh,
Acidity | Allergies | Arthritis | Autoimmune Disease | Back Pain | Bronchitis | Chronic Foot And Ankle Pain | Chronic Pain | Cough | Metabolic Syndrome
English | Hindi
About me

I'm Dr. Daya Ganesh staying in Mumbai, India. Practicing Ayurveda for 21 yrs. I'm practicing Science-Based Evidence-Based Ayurveda(SBEBA) an updated version of Ayurveda where the treatment protocols we follow by studying personal health status by correcting diet and lifestyle.  I believe that with a proper diagnosis, medicine works in minimal dosage within a short span of time.

Most of the diseases are due to the accumulation of toxins or suppressed immune mechanisms or deranged metabolism. Unless & until these factors are not normalized, total health is not possible. My motto is to make people enjoy their life without medicinesrather take food in the form of medicine. Because future medicine is not medicine, but the right diet.

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