Channing Hixon
Exercise , Herbal Therapy + 4
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Years of experience 3

Total years in practice: 3

Practice Name
Yoga Shenanigans
Practitioner Name
Channing Hixon
200-Hr Registered Hatha Yoga
Exercise | Herbal Therapy | Meditation | Yoga
Autoimmune Disease | Heartburn | Kidney Stones | Migraine
About me

Expect an informed and energetic yogic experience. From challenging arm balances, to funky transitions, or to restorative breathing practices, I'm accommodating to all levels. While my vivaciousness and genuine aura will inspire you to trust the process and the possibilities, I'm also a stickler for principles of proper form and action to keep those muscles rightfully engaged and safe. No sugar coating here, you’ll be challenged physically and encouraged to open up mentally and emotionally… creating a synergy, with the hopes of leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace life and all it’s wonders.

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