Peter Haima,

De Mars 1, Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands, 69321

 Years of experience  20

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Practice Name Life-Force-health: medical writing, training, coaching., yoga and mindfulness.
Education Communication trainer | Enneagram coach | Ph.D. Molecular Biology | Yoga instructor
Specialties | | Holistic Medicine | Meditation | | Nutrition | | Yoga
Conditions Autoimmune Disease | Macular Degeneration | Migraine
Language Dutch | English | German
Experience 20
About Me Peter consults people on yoga and mindfulness practices that improve health and quality of life, He also consults patients on diagnostic and treatment options, nutrition and lifestyle, that wil help them recover from cancer and other chronic diseases. He is a certified molecular biologist, trainer, coach and yoga instructor.

With a PhD. in molecular biology, Peter held various scientific and management positions in medical companies throughout North America and Europe. As a medical writer and trainer he has written many medical articles and has given numerous talks and trainings on various health topics.
In 2011, after being diagnosed for tongue cancer, he received extensive radiotherapy and started practicing yoga and mindfulness to recover from the severe side effects of the treatment. Being inspired by the very positive effects on his body, mind and spirit, he started integrating modern Western and ancient Eastern health sciences. His mission is to help people develop a healthy body and mind through yoga, mindfulness, healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Based on his own experiences as a cancer survivor, he believes that empowering people to become an important player in their own healing process is key to overcome any disease.

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