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Specialties Acupuncture | Herbal Therapy | Qigong | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Conditions Allergies | Cancer Care | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Chronic Pain | Indigestion | Neurological And Brain | Stress
Language English
Experience 20
About Me Vicky Lee is a board-certified acupuncturist who received her Masters degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The daughter of a doctor, she has a healthy respect for western and eastern medicine and feels that the integration of the two is the key to health. She likes to say “if you’re having a heart attack, by all means go to the hospital, but if you want to avoid having one in the first place, call me.” Prior to her acupuncture career, Vicky attained a B.A. in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked at The Philadelphia Inquirer for seven years before reinventing herself as a graphic designer. Desiring nature, she spent five years in Colorado as Communications Director for a cultural and educational non-profit called The Vail Symposium. She then felt the calling to work more closely with people in a healing capacity.

In her practice, treatment plans are tailored to each individual and employ the best of all the systems she has studied. Vicky incorporates Dr. Tan Balance Method, Master Tung, Motor Points, ear and scalp acupuncture, and Eastern and Functional Nutrition. Her tools are needles, moxibustion, herbs, e-stim, gua sha and cupping. Additionally, when it applies, she offers instruction in qi gong exercises or meditation, or administers Reiki. An unapologetic foodie, Vicky loves to guide people to health through nutrition by explaining what foods benefit or hurt the individual’s constitution, and sharing delicious recipes.

Her areas of special interest are pain management (musculoskeletal and neurologic), migraines; digestive health; and emotional well-being.

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