Mr. Sergey Bujanover, Acupuncture

Rehovot, Israel

 Years of experience  3

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Specialties Acupuncture
Conditions Back Pain | Neck Pain
Language English | Hebrew | Russian
Experience 3
About Me

I am an Acupuncture practitioner, and also a scientist and researcher.


- Bacteriophages selection, isolation, characterization, propagation and purification.

- Acupuncture

Research skills:

Propagation of bacterial and viral cultures, isolation, titration and purification of microorganisms.

Nucleic acids isolation, cloning, PCR, restriction analysis, hybridization. Western blot, HIC. Immunology, immunogenic peptides and polyclonal antibodies, antibodies titration, FACS, ELISA, immunohistochemistry. Confocal microscopy. Tissue culture. Recombinant proteins


Weizmann Institute of Science

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