Ruishan Liu,
300 High Street, Glasgow, UK
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

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ruishan liu
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Ruishan Liu,
Chronic Pain
About me

Dr.Ruishan Liu graduated with a BSc. in Chinese Medicine from Hebei Medical University. He was privileged to have been trained by some of the most famous and eminent professors in Beijing. Dr.Liu has been practicing Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, for over twenty years, including six years' of practice in the U.K.


Dr.Liu, is an expert in internal medicine and acupuncture, successfully treating various chronic conditions, presently difficult to treat with Western medicine. He has experience of treating: Psycho-emotional conditions (anxiety, stress, insomnia) Gynaecological conditions (infertility) Musculoskeletal conditions (pain and injuries) Dermatological conditions for example, eczema.

His Philosophy:

When treating patients in the west I always encourage them to understand the importance of a positive attitude to life, based around a formula of balance which includes having the right diet, doing physical and mental activity, balancing work and play and following the routine of nature. I advise my patients from the preventative point of view by showing them what they can do by themselves to improve their health, overcome their conditions and prevent health problems. I help my patients to lead a balanced and good lifestyle.

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