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1314 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, USA

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Practice Name Rick Bernard Acupuncture
Specialties Acupuncture
Conditions Back Pain | Knee Pain | Neck Pain | Shoulder Pain
Language English
Experience 26
About Me

Rick J. Bernard is a leading expert in the field of acupuncture orthopedics and author of Orthopedic Electroacupuncture. With over 25 years of clinical experience and over 60,000 patient visits, Rick offers real-world, time-tested insights.

I have been practicing acupuncture for 26 years and have probably had 2 major epiphanies in that time, where the discoveries had profound effects on my treatment outcomes. The last 19 years I have worked in a hospital setting, researching and utilizing electroacupuncture for treating painful conditions. I like to think I have attained a high level of understanding and proficiency at optimizing its use for pain relief. But this past weekend, I attended the EAM Foundation and Advanced Seminar courses, and a door was opened into the future of what acupuncture should/will one day look like. Each of the 4 days I attended provided what I would consider an epiphany of its own. I was blown away. If you want to advance your skills, and use this medicine in new, cutting- edge ways that will greatly elevate your level of care, I highly recommend taking this course. Jeremy is a master at integrating TCM with Western physiology and research, and present methodologies that can work with whatever practice style you currently use. The best money I have ever spent on post graduate education!

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