Paul Chapman
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14 Elizabeth Street, Launceston Tasmania, Australia
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Oneness Acupuncture Therapy
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Paul Chapman
Acupuncture | Herbal Therapy | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Back Pain | Knee Pain | Mental Health And Behavior | Neck Pain | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

I am a Dr of Chinese Medicine and 'traditionally' trained as an apprentice for eight years. My teacher was a 'master' Herbalist (IMO) working with single herbs and client specific formulations. Thousands of hours clinical practice gave me great insight into how to incorporate the complex diagnostics of Chinese Medicine into an individual human being.

I have been practicing for more than quarter of a century and recently my work has developed into a a new pathway, a new passion you could say, for working with the I Ching and BaGua through the modality of Acupuncture.

Quite by chance, in 2012, I stumbled upon a technique called 'Seasonal balance', passed onto me by Dr Richard Tan. Instantly I realised a potential which began a tireless pursuit of study and practice. The potential was in restoring emotional and mental wellness, and not just for people who have actually experienced Trauma and abuse, but for all people as we all carry a genetic code of past traumas through our ancestry. These ancestral traumas are now 'surfacing' big time in our world.


As Acupuncturists, we quite literally have a profound gift to offer the world in regard to the development of mental and emotional wellness.

Training is now available through iFab - integral Freedom Acupuncture Balance - in how to diagnose and treat the genetic shadow and traumatic memory with I Ching/BaGua seasonal balance and to this end I have created an on-line training platform specifically for this purpose.

And perhaps lastly, we do not need to simply treat the emotions and mind, we can equally assist people with clearing the genetic shadow and traumatic memory when we treat physical conditions ..... It is all in the observation and intention of the practitioner.

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