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Michelle Grasek
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Michellemichellegrasekcom Grasek,
Digestive Health
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Michelle Grasek

I’m an acupuncturist and marketing expert living and practicing in upstate New York, and I’ve been teaching marketing to acupuncturists for over five years.

I believe that marketing should be genuine and generous, that introverts can succeed at marketing, and that you DON’T have to do marketing you hate.

Most importantly, I believe that as acupuncturists, we have such a gift to share with the world, and your community needs you to speak up about what you have to offer.

I bet you’re worried that you didn’t have enough marketing education in acupuncture school. You’re feeling so overwhelmed by the idea of marketing that you don’t know where to start. I bet you’re piecing together random marketing advice you found on Pinterest and waiting for it to work…

And I totally get it. I’ve built a successful clinic and I have a new clinic that I’m growing from the ground up, using the same marketing approaches that I teach other acupuncturists. Plus I’m an introvert, so I understand the fear of being visible, and I provide marketing approaches that work for everyone, including introverts. I’ve worked with acupuncturists all over the world to help them overcome their fears of marketing. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every excuse there is for not wanting to market, and helped people work through it!

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