Dr. Mark Moshchinsky, Acupuncture

32 Union Square E #804 New York, New York 10003

 Years of experience  25

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Specialties Acupuncture
Conditions Anxiety Disorders | Back Pain | Chronic Pain | Headaches | Osteoarthritis
Language English
Experience 25
About Me Acupuncturist in Manhattan, Mark Moshchinsky, L.Ac is licensed by the State of New York and practices acupuncture in Union Square, NYC since 1993. I am a member of NCCAOM, AAAOM, American Pregnancy Association and Acupuncture Society of New York. Before I became an acupuncturist in NYC, I was stressed and unhappy in my computer job. I was looking for a holistic career change and directions in Life. I wanted to work and help people with health, quality of life and improve my own health and life as well. After studying hypnosis and many other forms of healing I set my eyes on acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. My father advised me to get an acupuncture treatment before going to school to study and I remember my first treatment walking into an acupuncture practice in Union Square of a very old Chinese Acupuncturist who did not speak a word of English. Click to read more After many years of experience, I developed best acupuncture treatment protocols for many conditions to help my clients achieve optimum results for their individual conditions. I get great satisfaction in seeing positive results in my patients and ?I would like to help you too.

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Recovery from Anxiety Disorders with Acupuncture Recovery from Anxiety Disorders with Acupuncture

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