Lisa Pugliese
3737 Moraga Avenue, Suite A308, San Diego, CA 92117
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Total years in practice: 20

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Lisa Pugliese
Women's Health and Pregnancy
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Lisa Pugliese, R.N., L.Ac. I have worked in the health-care field for more than 20 years. I began this journey as a registered nurse in the hospital setting. I loved being a nurse, but I always knew that my nursing degree would be the foundation for additional study or a new career. I considered becoming a nurse practitioner or a nurse midwife. However, when I discovered Chinese medicine, my future became clear to me. I enrolled in a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine program. Once I was licensed as an acupuncturist, I had the opportunity to work and learn with one of the most successful and talented acupuncturists in San Diego, Loisanne Keller, O.M.D. Like me, Dr. Keller had been a registered nurse, and she was also a naturopath. She was considered a specialist in women’s health and fertility. Each week, I met with Dr. Keller for “grand rounds,” where we reviewed cases together. This was a unique learning experience not available to most acupuncturists. I learned at great deal from Dr. Keller and I was inspired to practice medicine with the same integrity, commitment, and skill that she did. In order to do this, I knew I would need to further my studies, especially in the field of functional medicine. I began my studies in functional medicine in 1999, and I continue to study both functional and nutritional medicine, especially as it pertains to women’s health. My current practice is devoted to the care of women in all stages of life. Fertility is a large part of my practice and has been since 2001, when I successfully worked with my first “infertility” patient. I was honored to be nominated for “Women Who Move The City!” in 2013 by San Diego Magazine. -Lisa Pugliese, R.N., L.Ac.

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