Lindsey Miuccio,
Oceanside, California, United States
Years of experience 9

Total years in practice: 9

Practice Name
Lindsey Miuccio
Practitioner Name
Lindsey Miuccio,
About me

Lindsey Miuccio is a Bi-coastal therapist, licensed in acupuncture, an energy worker, a healer, and a bridge to deliver knowledge from that which is kept in secret to those who thirst for it. Lindsey initially pursued a Masters in Psychology, but left in search for something with deeper meaning--finding it in alternative medicine. She attended Tri-State College of Acupuncture and graduated with a Masters in Science. Lindsey is trained in Chinese Traditional Acupuncture, American Physical Medicine, Kikko Matsumoto, and Mikio Sankey (Esoteric) style. Having the rare opportunity to train under world wide known Masters and founders of the acupuncture movement in the West gave her a great advantage with the range of treatment styles and guidance of the best in their fields. Her receptive perspective, visions, and readings came together while there, opening the doorway to a whole new world that many acknowledge, though few walk through. Her journey led her to California where she delved into Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, returning to New York to study Violet Alchemy Multi-dimensional Healing. Over the last ten years this path has taken

Lindsey through diverse transformations. Her most valuable lesson: The only way to live is from the heart.

Naming her practice, Akasha, for the "Spirit" or "Breath of Life," without Akasha there is no spirit, no soul, no magic. Lindsey feels blessed to be able to help others find their "Breath of Life" that drives their spirit.

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