Fernando Viola
Acupuncture , Cupping + 3
2 Case Studies
Rua Hermenegildo Capelo, Palmela, Portugal
Years of experience 7

Total years in practice: 7

Practice Name
Regavi Clinica
Practitioner Name
Fernando Viola
Acupuncture | Cupping | Homeopathy
Back Pain
English | Portuguese
About me

I am a Homeopath, Osteopath and offer Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Phytotherapy and Acupuncture.

Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the University of Chinese Medicine in Lisbon, currently holds a private clinic in Pinhal Novo.

Other education:

• Course of Homeopathy by the Portuguese Homeopathy Association

• Course of Naturopathy by the Professional Institute of Health Studies

• Shiatsu course by the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Homeopathic Mesotherapy Course by Bwizer - Certified School with Training in Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medicine and Exercise

• Iridology course by the Portuguese Institute of Naturology

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