Dr. Caroline Floyd, DACM, MSTOM, LAc.
2716 X Street, Sacramento, California 95818
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Dr. Caroline Floyd, DACM, MSTOM, LAc.
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Dr. Caroline Floyd, DACM, MSTOM, LAc.
Women's Health and Pregnancy
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Dr. Floyd practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Sacramento, California. She specializes in reproductive health, menstrual health, and emotional health. She has helped hundreds of families through their fertility journey, both with natural and assisted reproductive methods, such as IUI and IVF. As a firm advocate for an integrated medical future, she works alongside numerous fertility centers in the area, helping support her patients emotionally and physically throughout what can be a demanding fertility journey. 

Dr. Floyd’s undergraduate double major in East Asian Studies and Mandarin is what initially brought her to China. The three years she spent living and working in China is where her love for Chinese medicine began. Whenever she was sick or could tell that her body was fighting something, she would visit the local herbalist. She was amazed by how fast and effective traditional herbal medicine was for her and those around her. Best yet, the herbs were customized for her individual symptom presentation helping her heal faster, which is why she believes this ancient herbal medicine is still prominent in the modern Chinese healthcare system and making significant in-roads in the States.

After returning from China she was inspired to complete her doctorate in Chinese medicine. Dr. Floyd graduated magna cum laude with a Masters in Traditional Chinese and Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM). She completed her doctoral externships at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in the pediatric oncology unit, UCSD Integrative Oncology Center, and City Heights Family Practice. After graduation she spent time volunteering, providing Chinese acupuncture and herbalism to the underserved populations of San Diego, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Floyd Rx herbal line is a culmination of Dr. Floyd’s in-clinic experience and a doctorate in herbalism.  She is a firm believer that, with lifestyle adjustments and the right customized herbal blend, your body can restore itself naturally and you can get back to what’s most important: living your life. 

Dr. Floyd RX has products for hormone health, 

reproductive health, & overall wellness.

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