Arun Kumar,
Acupuncture , Yoga
Years of experience 15

Total years in practice: 15

Practice Name
Dr. Arun Kumar
Practitioner Name
Arun Kumar,
Acupuncture | Yoga
Back Pain | Stress
About me

I am a Yoga and alternative therapy facilitator. I am passionate about Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Sujok therapy, Havan Chikitsa and well being. I have been teaching since 2005. the essence of my work is to Empower,  recognize and boost yourself and to help you living stress free, balanced, healthy and meaningful life style.

I believe in the healing and empowering potential of Yoga, Meditation and alternative therapy like  Sujog therapy, Natural care, Havan Chikitsa (Fire Puja:- The worship of Five Elements) etc. I help you  to go inside you to recognize yourself and I would love to work with you.

I help beginners to learn yoga and to build up a home practice by teaching online (World Wide).  I also organize Yoga Retreats and Yoga camps in India and outside the India


1. Certified 100hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

2. Certified 200hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

3. Certified Yoga and Pranayama Teacher Training Course.

4.  Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Course.

5.  Certified Havanopathy (Fire Puja: - The worship of Five Elements) Course.

Work Experience:-

  1. Founder and Managing Director of KRITI YOGA INTERNATIONAL Run By Kriti Yoga Sewa Samiti (Registered).

  2. Yoga Trainer At De-Addiction Center RED CROSS SOCIETY Moga, Punjab,India.

About the Kriti Yoga International:-

Kriti Meanse the Creationa of God. So we are passionate about Yoga, Meditation, Alternative therapies and well-being. Kriti Yoga International is run by Kriti Yoga Sewa Samiti(Reg). Its registered by Government of India. We teach you how to breathe, how to live stress free happy life. We teach you to build up a home practice which has the potential of making yourself richer and more purposeful.

Some Potential Benifites of Practicing Yoga with us Include:-

Enhancing physical and mental strength and balance. Improving mental clarity and focus which heighten your capacity to be more present.

Increasing levels of confidence, self-esteem, emotional maturity and decrease levels of academic stress, social stress, professional stress etc.  Reinforcing your capacity for emotional resilience, which will support your daily life and relationship? Re-awakening your innate potential for cultivating a deep sense of wellbeing and fulfillment of mind, body and soul. 

Kriti Yoga International

Regular yogasana classes and yoga teacher training programs in India and yoga alliance offered. Specialty yoga retreats, yoga therapy and naturopathy classes offered throughout the year.


Doctor Degree in Yoga i.e Ph.D (Yoga)

Master Degree in Yoga i.e M.A (Yoga) 

UGC NET yoga

Master Degree in Philosophy i.e M.Phil

Master degree in Education i.e. M.Ed

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