Sydnie Leroy
Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
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Sydnie Leroy
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I am currently working towards my MS in Nutrition at Marywood University, to become a Registered Dietitian. I currently work as a graduate assistant specializing in research and academic writing. Some of my ongoing projects include independent research in protein consumption and endurance athletes, working with a professor on iron absorption in female endurance athletes, and helping write the literature review and collect data for an ongoing study looking at adolescents and body image and how it relates to their likelihood of developing eating disorders and disordered eating.

I have a BA from Harvard where I majored in Anthropology (archaeology) and had a minor in Human Evolutionary Biology. I tailored my undergraduate research towards diet and nutrition and how it has adapted/ changed throughout human evolution! I worked in the middle east excavating a site that dates to about 11,000 years ago (which is around the transition from hunting and gathering to farming). I worked with the stone tools from the site that were used for food processing and based on the impressions in the tools, I attempted to reconstruct the diet of people who were alive 11,000 years ago!

I was also a 4 year member and senior captain of the Harvard Women's track and field team (Division 1) and have always been into fitness and exercise. I am pursuing my certification in personal training and am well-versed in many different types of training and working out.

Overall, I have a lot of knowledge in nutrition, health, fitness and overall wellness. I have experience writing meal plans, writing workout plans, and doing both nutrition and fitness consultations.

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