Nick Latoof,

1605 John Bryant Dr, Conway, Arkansas, United States, 72034

 Years of experience  5

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Practice Name Nick LaToof
Education Certified Personal Trainer | Corrective Exercise Specialist | Golf Fitness Specialist | Performance Enhancement Spec | Sports Nutrition Specialist
Specialties | Exercise | | | | | | |
Conditions Autoimmune Disease | Heartburn | Kidney Stones | Lupus | Stroke
Language English
Experience 5
About Me My name is Nick LaToof. I work as a personal trainer/strength coach, nutritional advisor, and fitness writer. I'm most known for my unordinary nutritional methods.

I am able to fit the needs of my clients very well by thinking outside the box. My clients can expect a truly customized routine of nutritional and exercise habits that will get them results. My mission is to help people become the best version of themselves!

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