How to do Prone Leg Lifts Correctly

In case you have back pain or hip pain, then you might benefit from physical therapy to help improve your mobility and manage your symptoms. One component of your rehab could include performing exercises to help improve the strength of your lower back muscles and your buttocks. This can help improve how you walk or may aid in attaining and maintain proper posture. An important exercise that might be part of your spine, hip, or lower extremity rehabilitation is your likely straight leg raise (SLR) exercise. This exercise also called prone leg lifts or prone hip extension is easy to do at home as part of your home workout program. It's a strengthening workout that works the gluteal muscles of your hips and your low back muscles. Some common issues where you may benefit from doing the more likely hip SLR exercise throughout your rehabilitation include low back pain, as part of an accident prevention program to help improve back and hip strength and stability, after lumbar surgery, hip pain, after total hip replacement, or even as part of an SLR development after a knee operation.

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