Wellness Retreat
Rekha Murali

Wellness Retreat

Thu, Aug 23 at 11 PM - 8:30 PM
Mt Madona, 455 Summit Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076


Event Details
Are you tired all the time? Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Join us at Dr. Murali’s Wellness Retreat,the most comprehensive stress management workshop in the Bay Area!
It’s not stress that kills us it's our response to it.
Feel younger and more energized! Is stress leaving you exhausted? If you think so, this workshop is for you!
Please see more details at: https://www.nourishdoc.com/Wellness/rekha-murali/mind-and-body-engineering-workshop/anxiety-disorders

Date and Time
Start Date: 8/23/2018 11 PM
End Date: 8/26/2018 8:30 PM
Mt Madona, 455 Summit Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076
About the Expert

An Internal Medical Doctor, I am Dr. Rekha Murali who has been practicing medicine for over 25 years.

I have been involved in research on kidney disease and diabetics at the USC Medical center. I completed my residency training at Martin Luther King Drew UCLA center. Over the years of practicing medicine, I realized that medications were not the optimal answer to treat my patients effectively. I have been incorporating Integrative medicine principles in my practice. With ever growing number of patients coming in with chronic medical conditions, I have been on a mission to find other complementary treatments for patient’s health.

As a dedicated physician and mission to offer the best care for my patients, I have started incorporating Integrative and Functional medicine in my practice and started advocating holistic approach with lifestyle modification as prescription to my patients. I have been active member of Institute of Functional Medicine, ACCMA and AAPI.

I believe in community health and volunteer at Livermore temple for health fairs, schools and active member of non-profit organizations. I have also been awarded “America’s Best Physician by the consumer board. Our motto “Enhance your Wellness and Enrich your Life.”

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