International Seminar on Acupuncture by MK Sastry
MK Shastry

International Seminar on Acupuncture by MK Sastry

Thu, Dec 20 at 2:30 AM - 11:30 AM
New Delhi, India


Event Details

Advance Acupuncture Training Center under Vedanta Hospital Assam follows and imparts Advance and updated treatment protocols and services that are practice by the experts all over the world.

It clearly focuses on the concept of best Acupuncture practises (on hand treatment) that recovers and supports quick recovery .Large number of chronic condition that can be easily recovered with Acupuncture techniques using dry needles.

Just few dry needles and you feel better 6 days of training module in Delhi 20 to 25th December.

YouTube and Face book for live videos Mk Sastry

-Dry Needles and Trigger points

Techniques to be the part.

1. Single and two needles Tung and integrated with Sastry techniques. Instant pain management. Stat techniques

2. Three needle techniques

3. TCM techniques

4. Scalp Acupuncture, various techniques of instant management

5. Neuromuscular scalp Acupuncture methods

6. Hybrid Needling, Tension and Traction Techniques.

7. IMSAT Techniques, Stat Acupuncture management for acute low back pain.

8. Scalp Acupuncture and 12 types of Manipulation.

9. Triangular Techniques of five elements

10. Algebraic methods of Acupuncture

11. Woosley Jr Five elements technique.

Acupuncture is very good and provides faster pain management with no side effects.

Learn to manage

- Cervical radiculopathy with nerve impeachment with compressive myelopathy and myelomalacia

- Spine ( slip Disc ) Protrusion, Herniation, extrusion with nerve impeachment, Learn to manage severe to moderate pain and compression in sciatica specially the exiting nerve root .

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Osteo Arthritis, Seropositive and seronegative Arthritis including Ankylosing spondylitis etc

- Diseases of Internal Medicine including various types of cancer and tumor , liver diseases.

- Gynecology and various diseases

- Ophthalmology and various eye diseases

- Neurology and Various Diseases including CVA ie stroke and Paralysis .

- Various permutation and combination

- Pain Management from chronic to critical Pain

- Various Types of Neuropathy

- Orthopedic and Pain Management

- Post operative complication etc .

How to manage by Osteopathy

Spine mobilization

Advance Acupuncture Formulas

Methods of Faster Relief video evidence in YouTube

1. Tung Acupuncture Fastest way in Acupuncture Treatments.

- Principles of Master Tung Acupuncture palmar diagnosis and Facial Diagnosis

- Image Correspondence

- Channel Correspondence

- Tissue Correspondence

- The real I Ching Method , Learn how the original Balance system derived the chore Principles, Global Balance with truss structure derivation took place ,

2. Points location and Indications - Zones 1,to 10 including DT AND VT

3. 46 types Needling Techniques

- Dao Ma

- Guiding Points

- Qi Moving

- Contralateral and distal

4. Prick and Bleed Technique.

5. Identifying Points by cause and Roots

Further topics include


-Triangular Theory of Acupuncture

- Indian and Higher Scalp 12 Practical ways and Holography

- Sastry Auricular Acupuncture vs Chinese Auricular Acupuncture

- Abdominal Acupuncture of Mk Sastry holography .

Date and Time
Start Date: 12/20/2018 2:30 AM
End Date: 12/25/2018 11:30 AM
New Delhi, India
About the Expert

I have developed advance concepts of Acupuncture and pain Management with neural studies . I am founder of Vedic Acupuncture and President of International Tung Association, India. I am the first Indian to author Tung Acupuncture Book from India  and founder of Tung , Tan , and Indian Acupuncture in India. 

I use the following methods for effective and fast recovery with very few needles. 

Acupuncture Protocols:

- Tan Balance methods Internal methods and Global balance 

- Indian Acupuncture system . Euclidean geometric theory and new model of - - Auricular acupuncture . Treat the disease with few needles and most of the symptoms are subsided. 

- Korean acupuncture 4 needle techniques

I have developed lecture series on Acupuncture and teach other Acupuncturist in India and have helped so many lives to heal. I have also developed an app called Acupainpoint Acupuncture to teach acupuncture and how it can help heal so many conditions.

I teach “International Congress on Integrative cum Physical and Internal medicine and Intensive Course in Advanced Acupuncture with Osteopathy cum Chiropathy & Kinesio Tapping & Age Old powerful Cupping Techniques & Moxibustion. The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”.

- International Congress cum Intensive Course in Integrated Medicine & Acupuncture.

- Cupping & Moxibution.

- Osteopathy & Kinesiotapping

- Integrative & Physical Medicine

Advanced Acupuncture

- Best management for orthopaedics ,pain,neurosurgery, post-operative care & allied sciences.

- Acupuncture: TCM, Meridian, TAN balance cum I-Ching,Global & Dynamic balance, Tung, Advanced Tung, YNSA, Indian Scalp(12 holography), geo scalp & higher scalp.

- Auricular Acupuncture: Chinese Tung,French Tung,NADA,battlefield, EOV, Cancer & Palliative Care & Internal Medicine

- Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatment for all type of pain, nervous disorders and paralysis with no side effects. 

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