Diabetes: Self Management with Diet and Nutrition
Apeksha Thakkar

Diabetes: Self Management with Diet and Nutrition

Sun, Dec 20 at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM, IST

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Diabetes: Self Management with Diet and Nutrition

Do you have Diabetes Type 2? You have been told the importance of a healthy diet for management of your diabetes. Your choice of food will affect:

blood sugar

body weight

heart health

  • Learn to  create a meal plan to support personal goals & health needs  

  • In addition to achieving your target weight, healthy eating also helps to manage blood sugars

  • Develop positive habits by eating less foods that are not good for your body & more foods that are

  • Balance nutrition & taste with portion control

Why should you attend this workshop?

It is imperative that you learn about the following:

  • Choosing right foods for a balanced diet and understanding which foods have carbohydrate, protein and fat.

  • Understand concept of carbohydrates

How will it help you? 

  • This workshop will empower you to take care of yourself with self care of your Diabetes. You will be able to do the following

  • Step by step meal planning

  • Carb to Insulin ratio

  • Counting of carbs

  • Plate guide

  • Identify carb food

What will you learn?

Outline of the Diabetes Workshop:

Why and How to use self monitoring tools?

  • Foot care

  • Glucometers

  • Self-monitoring blood glucose (1 slide)/DSME Importance 

Management of Diabetes

  • Pharmacological management

  • Non pharmacological management 

  • Complication from Diabetes

What type of Diet should you choose for Diabetes?

  • Diet composition and macronutrient composition

  • Functional foods and beneficial herbs 

  • Carb counting 

  • Glycemic index of food 

  • Insulin and its types

Learn how to plan a Sample Menu 

  • Sample diet menu and restaurant cheat meal

  • Carb guidelines per meal

  • Calorie guidelines per meal

  • How to read food labels?

  • What can I eat in the real world?

  • Diabetes place mat


What will you get:

Handout in PDF that they can take on 1 page 

  • Foods to Eat 

  • Foods to Avoid

  • 7 Day diet menu/ Restaurant cheat meal guide

Research and Science:

There has been substantial research to prove a proper diet can help manage and even reverse diabetes. Active and effective dietary education may prevent the onset of diabetes and its complications.

Sami W, Ansari T, Butt NS, Hamid MRA. Effect of diet on type 2 diabetes mellitus: A review. Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 2017;11(2):65-71.

About the Expert:

Dt Apeksha Thakkar is a qualified dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Nutrigenomic Counselor practising in Mulund west since 14 years. Her area of interest lies in metabolic diets, clinical diets, geriatric and paediatric nutrition and Nutrigenomics. 

Dt. Apeksha Thakkar helps sick and healthy people with diet related issues. and provides consultation for nutrition needs specially for patients with diabetes, heart problems, so that consumers can make healthy food choices.

Please see more details: https://bit.ly/3f9FI3u

Date and Time
Start Date: 12/20/2020 8:30 PM , IST
End Date: 12/20/2020 9:30 PM , IST
About the Expert

Chief Diet Consultant and Owner at APT Diet solutions

My professional goal is to be an active part of an organisation which can provide me with the challenging aspects of the Nutrition. I have collectively 13 plus Years of work experience with the reputed and renowned Institutes.

Dt Apeksha Thakkar is eminent dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutrigenomic Counselor practising in Mumbai, India.

She has served 30000 plus patients around the globe in 14 years of her practice. She offers audio, video, text, email, one on one consultations to her patients.

Her area of expertise lies in treating lifestyle disorders, metabolic and hormonal disorders.

You can opt for her highly personalised, structured nutrition plans online and offline.

She is also an active health blogger and content curator for various publications.

In her leisure she enjoys swimming, reading and driving.

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