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May 25, 2018
71 Years, Female, African American
Medical Condition
Allergies, Obesity, Vertigo, Weight Problems
Herbal Therapy,Diet Therapy
Medical History

71 year old female cancer survivor, had difficulty losing weight and tried everything. Her diet included eating grains semi-regularly with normal bowel movements. She was very good at exercising regularly, taking OTC drugs daily, and would experience low energy. In addition, she also had TSH high/hypothyroid, vertigo, knee pain/arthritis and asthma.

Case Management

Paleo Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Started her on a paleo/keto protocol & provided her a shopping list & basic food plan with target foods to follow, gave her a list of botanicals that would speed up the process to detox, balance her blood sugar, digestive enzymes to increase absorption, multi-vitamin + specific target nutrients to meet any deficiencies, and leaky gut protocol.

Outcome After Paleo Diet Plan:

At 100 days, all target goals were met. She has lost 25 lbs (now she wants 10 more), almost all knee pain/arthritis symptoms gone (using occasional botanical pain remedy), energy improved, asthma gone, vertigo gone, pre diabetes gone (BS 80/A1C 5.8), no labs for thyroid as of yet. Her Doctor asked for my business card. 

Anatomy of Paleo Diet 

Though the term Paleo diet can seem to be a completely new thing to us, it is something influenced by the diet plan of our hunter-gatherer ancestors thousands of years ago. It is challenging to fathom precisely what they included in their diet plans on many parts of the world, but as per the researchers, it consisted of whole foods. If you are looking forward to experiencing a significant healthy lifestyle, this paleo diet plan for weight loss is suggested to you.3

Should we eat like our Ancestors? 

We are in a completely different world as compared to what our ancestors were in. You might have the question that should we follow the same diet plans as they did long ago? Before we proceed forward to answer the question, we need you to know that the idea behind the paleo diet is known as discordance hypothesis.  Due to the modern farming process, the human body has become genetically mismatched.

The purpose of promoting the paleo diet is to help individuals to plan healthy diet plans and lose weight.2

Details of a Paleo Diet 

Following a Paleo diet plan for weight loss does not mean that you can eat all the whole foods available. Mostly there are strict guidelines according to the condition. Here are some general instructions of suggested foods that one can eat under a paleo diet.1

Suggested Nutrition Guidelines?

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Seeds

  • Nuts

  • Meats from grass-fed animals

  • Fish rich in omega-3 and fatty acid

  • Nuts and Fruit Oils

Foods to Avoid?

  • Legumes like peanuts, Peas etc.

  • Salt and refined sugar

  • High processed or dairy foods


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