female infertility

Dr. Manoj Jagtap
Ayurveda, Herbal Therapy, Massage Therapy
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Maharashtra, India
 12 years exp 
September 14, 2018
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Medical Condition:



Ayurveda Herbal Therapy Massage Therapy

Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

patient was case of secondary infertility. she was diagnosed with both uterine tubes obliterated. patient was willing for child hence came for treatment. 

Case Management:

Patient was chronic case of hyper acidity.  Detailed case history was taken and causes of acidity were found out. ayurvedic diet management was advised. oral ayurveda medicines were given to control acidity. Panchakarma treatment was done for uterine tubal blocks. Sarvang snehan swedan and yogbasti for 8 days was performed.  for 3 cycles Uttarbasti was given. Uttarbasti is a panchkarma treatment  in that medicated oil is injected into uterus . this oil reaches uterine cavity and uterine tubes and removes blockages. after 3 cycles patient was advised to try for conception. After few months patient was conceived successfully.