Vestibular migraine: objective diagnostic criteria.

Chiropractic,Integrative Medicine
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September 22, 2017

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Chiropractic Integrative Medicine

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Classification of migraine or vertigo based only on clinical symptoms is rather difficult, especially in the postacute stage. The use of diagnostic instrumentation greatly aids clinicians in offereing objective measures of patient physiology. In migraine and vertigo, the "gold standard" objective measure has not been fully defined thereby hindering a criteria for vestibular migraine. This study proposes the use of two seperate modalities; infrared videonystagraphy for vertigo and electric pain thresholds for migraine to quantify patient complaints. While these instruments offer to document patient pathophsyiology, simple clinical procedures are presented to provoke the dizzyness of vertigo and the allodynia of migraine in patients being evaluted allowing clinicians larger diagnostic and therapeutic options

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Di Duro, JO


PMID: 12827544

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