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December 10, 2019
45 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Medical History

"JC" came to the clinic with frequent severe migraines. Just off a medical leave from work (such as an attempt to recuperate for a week in Costa Rica), she also had stress, insomnia, and fatigue.

Stress levels at work and home with her husband had reached peak levels before her medical leave, and on account of the mind-body connection, her body was feeling the impact. Even though rested, JC still had all the physical symptoms in full force. And although she was going to weekly psychotherapy and had a personal meditation practice, JC had been unable to discover a profound sense of peace and inner relief.

Case Management

Treating with Acupuncture to help Migraines

The first 4-6 acupuncture treatments gave JC immediate, but short-lasting relief from her migraine symptoms. Often she would come in with a migraine, and leave with a 50-100% reduction of nausea and pain symptoms. However, due to the levels of anxiety, she was experiencing, the symptoms would return within 24-48 hours.

Following 12 acupuncture treatments, the frequency and level of the migraines diminished to the point where JC managed to stop her migraine medications.

JC's anxiety was significantly reduced, and her dependence on the anti-anxiety drug Ativan was decreasing too. Additionally, through guidance in anxiety management skills in our Holistic Health Counseling sessions, JC was able to add key elements to her stress management routine. Each acupuncture treatment was able to reduce symptoms 50-100%, and give windows of 24-48 hours relief.JC commented that on the acupuncture table, during therapy, it had been one of the only times during her week when she felt stillness, calm and peace. Since JC continues acupuncture therapy and holistic health counseling, our hope is to help her experience longer and more windows of pain-free living. Acupuncture treatment was able to help with migraines attack with positive outcomes.

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