Amit Gupta
Delhi, Delhi, India
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August 30, 2018
24 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Medical History

A case of Alopecia areata A female aged 24, short height, swarthy complexion came to my clinic with alopecia areata (Multiple patches) for 7 years. It started from right parietal region. Took various treatment without significant improvement. About 7 years ago she had a pimple on right cheek and used allopathy ointment externally followed by development of alopecia. The patient was most depressed and anxious at night thinking about her alopecia; very selfish and rarely cares about the feelings of others even her friends (as narrated by the attendant); fastidious and hates if someone misplace her objects; depressed and avoids people.


Hair fall from the whole head

She gets scared with rats

Social: Desire company, gets angry rarely but consolation soothes her

Physical: Menarche at the age of 12 with current cycle of 20-22 days with slight pain.

Food:She is vegetarian with normal appetite and desire for salty food.

Personal & Family history: N/P


Case Management

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata):

Generally speaking, the patient with alopecia was mentally unstable mostly at night, fastidious, selfish and tends to avoid people due to her suffering. Her symptoms as described above guided me for Syphilinum as homeopathic treatment medication but probably her disease started after suppression of pimples by an allopathic ointment so Sulphur 1M (1 dose) is prescribed followed by Placebo.

Prescriptions for Hair Loss in Homeopathy

3 Jan 2018

1. Sul 1M (1 dose) followed by Placebo.

2. Mixture of Arn & Jabo. MT (For external application on patches)

15th Jan' 18

No significant improvement in hair fall and other symptoms.

1. Syph 1M (1 dose)

2. PL and external MT continue

21st Feb

We noticed hair growth to start appearing on her bald patches

PL and external MT continue

7th March

We observed additional hair growth with less hair fall. As far as mental health, the patient is more calm at night.

PL and external MT continue

2nd April

More hair growth is observed but patient complaints of increasing patch size

1. PL and external MT continues

18th April

We observed that her problem with hair fall improved but her bald patch size increased a bit more

1. Syph 10M (1 dose)

2. PL and external MT continues

2nd May

Finally her bald patch stopped increasing with hair fall in control and regular periods (26-27 days)

PL and external MT continues

5th June

Largest Patches reduced in size, smallest (occipital region) disappeared

PL and external MT continues

Patient hasn't visited the clinic for the last 2 months. Her brother had collected the medicines and reported that her bald patches are reducing and only the largest one is present. She was on PL and external MT only during that period.

8th August

She is almost 100% healed!.

Periods regular (27-28 days), No Pain during period. No fear and anxiety at night. She visited our clinic with a big smile

PL and External MT continues for 1 more month


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