Successful Arthritis Remedies in Ayurveda for a 53 Year Old Male

Mahesh kumar Gupta,
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April 20, 2020
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Medical Condition:




Medical History:

A 53-year-old lady suffering from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata) for the last 4 years came to our hospital. She was in a very bad condition as she was not able to walk without any support. All of her joints were swollen with severe pain. 

She had taken Allopathic treatment from Rheumatologist in Mumbai for 4 years with not much relief. In addition she had tried Ayurvedic medicines from a local doctor without much relief.

Case Management:

Our expert Ayurveda doctor examined her clinically as per Ayurveda principles and did Astavid Pariksha including pulse diagnosis( Nadi Pariksha). Doctor (Vaidya) advised undergoing panchakarma treatment. The patient was treated with oral Ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma Therapy:

Dhanyamla Dhara, 

Choorna Kizhi, 

Jabber Kizhi, 

Basti Chikitsa, 

Steam bath

The patient got very good results and improved significantly. Patient discharged after 21 days. Now the Patient and her husband and all family members are very happy. She is not experiencing any pain and can walk without any support.

She has stopped her blood pressure medication and has been on Ayurvedic Medicines. This type of result shows that if  a patient follows proper Ayurvedic instructions, Aamvata( Rheumatoid arthritis) can be successfully treated.


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