Success of Cupping Therapy for Treating Sciatica

Dr. Praveen Soni
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Beawar, Rajasthan, India
 15 years exp 
September 25, 2018
78 YearsMaleAsian

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Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

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Case History:

Alabu-karm(Cupping) in Ghridrasi (Sciatica)

78 year old male patient came in our clinic with severe pain of Sciatica (gridhrasi) 10 days back.  We decide to do alabu or Cupping therapy.

Case Management:


After 5 days there was no pain with no internal medication.

10 Day Follow-up: No back ache, hip pain or or leg pain now.

We did the cupping therapy by increasing blood and nerve supply in selected areas of the body. Before cupping therapy, we did kati abhyang padabhyanga or nadi swed. We applied spirit on flame in the cupping glasses. I  skipped raktamokshan.We can correlate with alabu but the procedure is of cupping glass.

Appearance is normal after procedure. In hijama cup appearance changes as post procedure there is no any such kind of care needed. It is very simple and effective process..

Cupping or Hijama therapies stem from the same concept as  sushrut and alabu. Sinec all the patients cannot afford expensive panchakarma treatment. Hijama, cupping therapies are cost effective and successful as well for treatment of such patients.

Caution: Cups should be placed on most tender points and on lumbosacral joints in case of gridhrasi.