Success Therapy Ayurveda and Back Pain Relief

Mahesh kumar Gupta,
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
28, Kardhar Complex (Roshan Ji Ki Bari) Hiran Magari, Sector...
 30 years exp 
April 20, 2020
54 YearsMaleAsian

Medical Condition:

Back Pain, Migraine



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

Currently, we have treated a patient suffering from severe back pain, hip joint pain, and migraine. The patient has been having back pain for the last 2 years. His spine was operated 2 times still patients have severe back pain. The patient was also suffering from avascular necrosis and having severe pain in the right hip joint region. He was also suffering from severe migraines for the last 10 years as well.

Case Management:

Our Keraliya Ayurvedic Doctors suggested him 15 days indoor Panchakarma treatment. After 15 days Treatment patient got excellent results in migraine, back pain, and hip joint pain. Avascular necrosis patients can also be treated successfully at our center.


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