Erin Brockmeyer
510 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 201, Portland, Oregon 97204
5 years exp

Total years in practice: 5

Publish Date
June 19, 2019
32 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Depression, Infertility
Medical History

Ms. E was recommended to us by her chiropractor and we had worked together on fertility cases. She was skeptical in the beginning. Her questions: How could somebody sticking me with needles make me ovulate? It seemed impossible. Her first visit was spent mostly talking. I asked a lot of questions and listened carefully to everything Ms. E said. Her health was not great. According to her, eating and exercise habits were…how do you say? Crappy. As a result, her blood sugar and BMI were too high. In addition she was depressed and anxious but she wasn’t even admitting it herself. She knew she needed help and support but didn’t know where to begin.

Case Management

She started her consultations once a week. In the beginning, she was tense during the acupuncture treatments. The needles didn’t hurt like most people assume but just laying there with needles, she couldn’t relax. She kept going anyway because she trusted us. I offered advice about nutrition and talked about balancing hormones and PCOS. I encouraged her to work with her primary care provider to have blood tests that would help rule out certain fertility issues. Two months in, she started experiencing some unintended effects and felt better and stronger.

She had more energy and wasn’t depressed and anxious and according to her she felt connected to her body in a way that she didn’t ever remember being.

After four months of treatments including our custom herb formulas, she started ovulating! She was ecstatic.

In Patients Own Words:

For too long, I felt like my body was broken and that it was my entire fault. Erin’s ongoing treatments and support filled me with the energy I need to make better choices for my health and my body and those choices were paying off!

Six months in, I was taking my pulse prior to treatment, as I always do. I asked her what day she was in her cycle. She was on day 32. I asked if she’d taken a pregnancy test and she hadn’t taken a test as she was too skeptical. When your hormones aren’t balanced, your cycles are irregular. It was true that the previous two cycles had been exactly 28 days, but she wasn’t hopeful.

Several more days passed before she took our advice. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant!!! She took three more tests to be sure and emailed us immediately and asked me how I knew. I told me that I suspected as soon as I felt her pulse. The OB/GYN she had met with before she started acupuncture wanted to talk about drugs and c-sections.

In Patient’s Own Words:

“Now I’m 19 weeks into my pregnancy and feeling great. I know much of that has to do with the care and support I continue to receive from Erin. I’m overwhelmingly grateful and can’t recommend Solstice Natural Health enough!”

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