Success Remission of Psoriasis with Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Diet

Krishnadas M
Krishnadas M, Ayurveda
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June 26, 2019
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Medical Condition:

Psoriasis, Skin Diseases


Ayurveda Diet Therapy Panchakarma

Medical History:

37-year-old male patient came to hospital with chronic Psoriasis complaint. He had severe scaling on his upper arms, lower arms, trunk, back, and legs with severe itching. 

His body was so dry that  he felt difficult to bend his joints. He had very severe scaling as well as the way he walked with shedding of skin scales. We didn’t want to give lot of hope to the patient as his condition was chronic and severe. 

Case Management:

Panchakarma for Psoriasis is highly effective in purging the toxins out.  I started with external psora herb oil application and internal ghee intake for 2 weeks. Patient took around 250ml ghee for his Psoriasis on the last day.  In addition, he was given detoxification with VAMANAM (induced emesis - a panchakarma procedure in Ayurveda for Psoriasis) 


After 2 weeks:

Internal ghee intake for Psoriasis continued in smaller dosage for another 7 days. 

Kashayadhara for 3 days as part of SWEDANAM (sudation). 

2nd detoxification as part of Pcanhkarma was done with VIRECHANAM (Purgation )


After 2nd detoxification, the patient felt much improvement in symptoms as scaling reduced by around 80%. In addition, his itching subsided as well with improvement in Joint flexibility as dryness of body became negligible. 




Oil application and kashaya dhara continued for another one week and we discharged the patient with significant improvement in symptoms. In addition, we recommended lifestyle and diet modification along with the Ayurvedic medication.


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