Mahesh kumar Gupta
28, Kardhar Complex (Roshan Ji Ki Bari) Hiran Magari, Sector- 14, UDAIPUR - 313001, India (Rajasthan)
30 years exp

Total years in practice: 30

Publish Date
April 20, 2020
36 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Hip pain, Joint Pain
Medical History

A 36-year-old patient came to our hospital with severe hip joint pain and difficulty in walking. He had excruciating pain in both his thighs and legs. The patient was very disappointed as he had tried a lot of allopathic medication with no relief.

He had also undergone minor hip joint surgery in 2013 but didn’t get much relief. The doctor suggested another surgery but he was not interested in surgery and wanted to seek natural therapies like Ayurveda.

Case Management

Our hospital's doctor suggested the following Panchakarma Treatment:

  • Virechana karma, 

  • Basti Chikitsa, 

  • Navara Kizhi

After completing the Panchakarma Treatment patient got very good results. Special Ayurvedic oral medication and herbs were also suggested.

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