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November 19, 2018
35 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Medical History
Case History: Severe Weeping Eczema: This patient flew to our office from Wyoming. She was suffering tremendously with severe eczema over her entire body. She had been to dermatologists whose only answer was to suppress the symptoms with cortisone creams. She then got a second opinion from a holistic practitioner who tried to get to the root of the problem by using various vitamins, glutathione, turmeric and amino acids. He also put her on milk thistle to clean out her liver. The problem here was that he unwittingly made her problem worse by heating the liver with synthetic vitamins and a liver cleanse which also heated the liver. In addition, while turmeric is a blood purifier and anti-inflammatory, it too contains heat and is therefore best used cooked into food and not used as a supplement. The skin is an organ of elimination, just doing what it knows how to do: processing toxins via the sweat. The ancient doctors of India described how the skin is also a reflection of deeper issues going on in the blood and the liver. If the toxins in the blood are overheated as they come out, these type of skin conditions will erupt.
Case Management
The answer to fixing this type of problem is to clean the liver and blood using only cooling herbs and spices, direct the toxins away from the skin and into the urine and bowel movement, and stop the reactivity of the toxins coming through the skin. We also changed her diet and of course discontinued the use of all the vitamins. This case history represents the typical scenario I see every week in my practice. People are seeking alternative care in a country that has no longstanding tradition of holistic medicine, thus mistakes are being made in the realm of supplementation, diet and detox programs. This is why I sought out the knowledge of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old tradition of truly natural healing.
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