Vaidya Ankita Garg
Mukhani Chauraha,Opposite Vivekanand Hospital,Uttrakhand, Haldwani, Uttarakhand-263139
5 years exp

Total years in practice: 5

Publish Date
August 11, 2020
73 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Diabetic Retinopathy
Medical History

Age/73 Female Occupation-Housewife 

Earlier Diagnosis-PDR(Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy) 

C/o- Vision started diminishing since 2 years 

H/o She had bilateral Aphakia after cataract surgery 30 years back. 

Right eye corneal opacity History of left eye conjunctivitis since 2 years 

Diabetes Mellitus since 30 years 

Hypertension 4.5 years

Treatment History-Patient took 4 Intr-vitreal injections in the left eye for PDR. But After taking 4 injections her vision didn’t improve and her eye doctor suggested another injection or even surgery with nil vision prognosis. 

Ayurvedic Pathogenesis- Diagnosis- Abhishyanda janiya Pitta kaffa Pradhan Timira Eye Examination- Right Eye. Left Eye 

Cornea-Opaque Normal Pupil- Not seen Up drawn Lens-Aphakik Aphakic Vision-1feet 4feet Retina- not seen Tessellated thin blood vessels nasally blood spot BSL -Random-293.2mg /dl Causes-viruddh ahar 3/7 days causes pk dushti Lavana rasa adhikya-vitiate jala and tej bahabhoot- pk dusti Ghrut asevana- vata prakopa - pitta kapha dusthi. 

Case Management

Treatment-Correction in diet and daily schedule as per pitta kapha dosha 

Use of internal medicine like:

Saptamrit loh; 

kata jadi shila jita,

Triphala ghrita, 

Triphala Anjana eye drop instillation,

Anu tail naysayer 

Dietary correction specially ya aahar advise like add one fourth part of yava and three fourth part of wheat for chapati (Indian bread).

After one month of treatment BSL is controlled f is109, pp is 136 Retinal examination bleeding spots seen nasally 

Treatment continues as it is in fourth follow up patient is told that her vision is improved after examination more than 6 feet vision is observed in left eyes Retinal glow improved.

After 3 month of treatment no bleeding point is seen IN retinal observation 

After 6 month of treatment patient vision is stable. Patient is satisfied after 6 month of treatment 

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