Vaidya Arshiya Ali
SDM Ayurveda College, Udyavara, Udupi, Karnataka, India
6 years exp

Total years in practice: 6

Publish Date
July 05, 2019
42 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis
Medical History

A 42 year old female patient came to our clinic for consultation on April’15,2019. She had been diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma since childhood and had come with the following complaints,

  1. Cough: Increased since 2 months. She would cough more at night with white color sputum. Her Sputum was thick and she got relief from her cough after expectoration. 

  2. Chest tightness: Increased since 2 months. She would feel slight tightness in the chest but would become more noticeable during strenuous exercises. 

  3. Wheezing: Typical musical sound that could be heard while breathing. Her wheezing was quite audible from a distance as well.  

  4. Shortness of breath or Dyspnoea: She noticed shortness of breath accelerate since last 2 months. It was difficult for her to climb stairs or do heavy work due to dyspnoea. Her shortness of breath were more pronounced at night. 

On examination,

Palor- Absent



Clubbing- Mildly positive

Lymphedenopathy- Absent

Cyanosis- Absent.

Appetite: Reduced since 2 months

Bowel Movement: Normal

Micturition: Normal

Sleep: Disturbed due to cough since 2 months 

Respiratory system examination showed:  Heavy ronchi on all lung fields which was more on the base of the lungs and congestion noted.

Case Management

The patient was treated with the following medicines for one month:

  1. Internal medicines:

  1. Pushkaramoolasava- 30ml three times a day with equal water, after food. 

  2. Shwasa kutara rasa- 1 tablet three times a day with water, after food.

  3. Talisadi churna and sitopaladi churna- [combined]- 5 gms three times a day with honey, after food. 

  4. Karpooradi taila for External application on the chest and back before bath. 

  1. Diet and lifestyle advice: Patient was advised to take freshly prepared hot diet, preferably seasoned with asafetida. She was recommended  to avoid exposure to pollution, dust and pollen. In addition, I advised inhaling steam two times a day. 

  2. Breathing exercises and Yoga: Regular Nadi shodhana pranayama was advised to the patient along with meditation for one hour every day. 

One month Follow-up of this treatment: 

  1. It was observed that her cough had markedly reduced, specially at night hours.

  2. Sputum also had showed reduction as well. Thickness of sputum was less as well as compared 2 months back.

  3. She had better sleep due to reduced cough.

  4. Overall the patient showed marked improvement in all signs and symptoms and was more comfortable than she was 2 month back when she started her treatment. 

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