Marianne Teitelbaum
1400 Wynwood Dr, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, USA
34 years exp

Total years in practice: 34

Publish Date
November 19, 2018
9 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Medical History

A mom came to our office for her 7 year old son who was showing signs of Autism. He had problems with his motor skills.

Case Management

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment in Ayurveda

We have a complete protocol for reversing autism spectrum disorders in our extremely high population (1 in 37 children in the United States) of vaccine injured children. First, we chelate out the aluminum hydroxide nanoparticle that has gone into the brain, damaging it. Next we fix the probiotic cultures in the gut which were also damaged by the chemicals found within the vaccines. (The friendly bacteria in the gut make 90% of the neurotransmitters for the brain). We then pull the toxins (polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, and numerous others) out of the brain and bone marrow using highly specialized Ayurvedic herbs. We then have to calm the brain down from the side effects of monosodium glutamate (glutamate excites the neurons in the brain causing brain cell death and hyperactivity in children) again using some very rare herbs imported from India. Next we give a medicated ghee with all the herbs used for balancing brain function. The ghee transports the herbs across the blood-brain barrier to allow the healing to occur. We then repair the glutathione system (the body's main antioxidant system) which becomes depleted after 73 rounds of immunizations each with their heavy load of toxic chemicals. 

I am forever grateful to my teacher, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra as he sat by my side, taking the pulses of hundreds of autistic children, and painstakingly developing the herbal formulas we now use to retrieve these poor children from an extremely aggressive vaccine schedule. As you can read in this case, Autism spectrum disorder treatment is effective in Ayurveda.

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