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November 19, 2018
14 Years, Male, Asian
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Aluminum nanoparticle affecting Thyroid function causing complete baldness. Here is a visual of what I posted yesterday. This is a very common trait I see as the children in this country receive way too many vaccines, each with a nanoparticle of aluminum which attaches to the thyroid (the thyroid is programmed to absorb iodine, however it will absorb this very dangerous form of aluminum once injected into the child, disturbing thyroid function causing the hair to fall out). The first picture was taken a year ago when he was completely bald. He lost all his hair, including his eyebrows and all body hair.
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Ayurvedic treatment for hypothyroidism

We had to fix his gut flora, clean the liver and bone marrow from the hundreds of toxins in the 73 shots he received. We also chelated out the aluminum. By doing so we finally got his hyperactive immune system to stop attacking his thyroid and hair follicles. We monitor all this with bloodwork, keeping a careful eye on his thyroid antibodies. As we pull out these chemicals the immune system is slowly restored to its normal function and the thyroid antibodies slowly come back down to normal. We support the thyroid, give remedies both internally and directly on the scalp...and magically the hair starts growing back. I'll post more pictures as his hair grows all the way back. The next two pictures were taken 10 months into our treatments. Like all the bald children I see, his hair fell out in second grade after receiving all his shots. He is now a junior in high school. Luckily his parents followed my instructions carefully so he won't have to stay bald for the rest of his life. Parents beware: learn more about the ingredients in these vaccines. Delay them, pick the most important ones (most of them are unnecessary) and space them out. This is a visual of the devastation that happens to a child's immune system after the onslaught of hundreds of chemicals entering the body in the early formative years. And he was one of the lucky ones. The same aluminum nanoparticle is so small it crosses the blood brain barrier damaging the brain causing the extremely high levels of autism we are seeing. The rates continue to go up but have recently skyrocketed as pregnant women are now advised to get a flu shot and a pertussis shot. Now the autism rate is 1 in 31 children.

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