Dr. Shakinah stacy Judah, LMFT
California, USA
25 years exp

Total years in practice: 25

Publish Date
October 07, 2020
55 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Anxiety Disorders, Sleep Disorders
Medical History

Tom, a 55-year-old male feels a ‘call to adventure’ as described in the ‘Hero’s Journey.’ He seeks a soul purpose session (SPS) to discover his “soulful and spiritual nature” which he has suppressed. Tom has been diagnosed with a heart condition and adrenal fatigue which is the primary cause of his current mental health symptoms. 

Tom is seeking therapy to reduce anxiety, explosive anger, sleep disturbance, and depression. He feels he does not have a close relationship with his three adult children. Other forms of therapy have not worked for him. 

Case Management

During his first session, we complete a history assessment and set goals for his next session. Tom’s goals include understanding his life path and to develop closer ties with family and friends. He wants to know his soul purpose and he wants to bring his mission and soul purpose to the world. 

After completing his second SPS session, Tom now has an idea about his soul purpose which contains many layers. Tom is ready to open up to himself and to stay open to the people around him, even those who trigger him. He sees these people as his teachers and is now ready to step into the next phase of a soul-inspiring life. 

Tom discovers that his mission and purpose is to teach children to play music. He is able to identify past traumas related to his relationship with his father which have created blocks or rifts in Tom’s sense of self leaving him with a sense of lost purpose. During the SPS, Tom can clear those intrapersonal blocks related to past trauma and move forward. 

Tom recognizes that due to repressed emotions, his interpersonal relationships have suffered. He also recognizes that suppressed emotions have harmed his health, particularly his heart. Tom learns new communication skills, starts mindfulness exercises, and schedules his third SPS session. 

During Tom’s third SPS session, we review his goals, discuss additional avenues for healing, and develop a homework schedule for continued coherency in treatment. SPS has given Tom a second chance with his children and the ability to move forward with his Soul’s purpose. 

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