Pradeep Kumar
Agra Road, Firozabad road, Etmadpur, Uttar Pradesh 283202, India
25 years exp

Total years in practice: 25

Publish Date
September 30, 2019
55 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Back Pain, Diabetes: Type I
Medical History

55 year Male, an advocate by profession visited OPD Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Agra, India. He was referred by one of his colleagues who had been one of or patients and treated with success from Diabetes in our hospital.  On date 20.03.2019, he presented with complaints of chronic dryness in the nose with obstruction, breathing difficulties, backache, chronic sneezing, and Diabetes since a year. He had been on Allopathic medicines for his symptoms. His Allopathic physician has advised taking these anti-diabetic drugs for all his life as long as seen in Video1. He decided to come to our hospital after being referred by one of the successfully treated diabetic patients at our hospital.

Case Management

I prescribed Carcinosin LM 1, homeopathy medicine for diabetes mellitus

TDS for a month. On 28.04.2019 he visited the hospital for a second follow up and saying that his Diabetes has been treated with success.  He had not taken any Allopathic Medicine since he started taking Carcinosin as shown in Video2. His Blood sugar with allopathic medicine was ranging 200 mg% fasting and around 250mg% pp. On the day of his first visit, random sugar was 215 mg%. After homeopathy treatment and medication, his fasting BSR is ranging from 110 mg% and pp is around 180 mg. By the use of Similimum only not his Diabetes mellitus is cured but other respiratory complaints have also disappeared. Carcinosin LM1 was prescribed as homeopathy medicine for diabetes mellitus treatment in this case as presented above.

Case paper is uploaded with the written & verbal consent of the patient.  

Homeopathic Medicine: Carcinosin LM1

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