Should and Neck Pain Relief with Acupuncture

Amir Mekaiten
Amir Mekaiten
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September 24, 2018
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Medical Condition:

Neck Pain



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


Well something nice that can get you a nice idea. I  had a patient last week, with pain from the neck to the Gb21 area. The pain was on the neck it was on the Bladder and Gb channels and reached behind the shoulder area on both sides

Case Management:


Treatment - 77.01 77.02 77.03 - Bilateral- because those points sits on the image part that represent the neck and the upper back area. In addition, those points are on the Achilles Tendon, so Tendon treats Tendon.

After I put those points, I asked the patient to breath deep. and to check how he feels. He got immediate relief but still felt some pain and tension, so now I went and checked on both of his legs the Liver area - from Liv4 to Liv5.5 and put more or less 3-5 needles on each of the legs. After that his pain was was almost gone.

He came again for follow-up and felt much better but complained that he feels the pain only on the right side. So I used only the left leg to treat with the same Acupuncture points. After I finished the treatment, he was pain free.

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