Jodi Franklin
Functional Medicine
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
25 years exp

Total years in practice: 25

Publish Date
August 12, 2019
54 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Skin Diseases, Vitiligo
Functional Medicine
Medical History

I am excited to share a success story of 50 something male who had skin pigmentation on his face as you can see in the before picture. He was overweight as well.

According to him, he was at his lowest point in his 54 years, not feeling well physically, dealing with intestinal/digestive issues and if that wasn't bad enough, vitiligo (an autoimmune skin condition that makes your skin lose its pigment).

Case Management

There are lots of steps to putting autoimmune diseases into remission. Diet, nutrients, testing like Organics Acids testing and DNA assay stool testing. For him, we also did food sensitivity testing. Based on the results of the testing, we made lots of adjustments to his regimen.

Results: His digestive symptoms completely subsided and his pigment is 50% better through a combination of lifestyle change, gut healing, smarter food choices, and some skin therapy. I have been working with this client for only 6 months. What a difference! If you zoom in on the picture on the left, you can see his skin depigmentation better since the picture is dark. He lost 30 lbs. and grew a beard as well so the before and after look very different.

Here’s his testimonial (brought a tear to my eye!):

“It's unusual in life to find someone that walks the talk. That provides support and guidance, that gives of themselves and their time, who cares deeply and demonstrates that care through action which leads to measurable results. I found that person in Jodi Franklin. I found Jodi by chance, perhaps by luck, or maybe even through divine intervention if so inclined to believe in that which I do. Throughout the months of my relationship and partnership with Jodi, she had been a source of strength, guidance, support, and nutritional and life wisdom. She has helped me immensely and tremendously and put me on the path to recovery. I offer my strongest ever recommendation of Jodi Franklin. She truly is an angel.”

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