David Lee
166 North Moorpark Road, #201. Thousand Oaks, California 91360
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
September 21, 2020
59 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Abdominal Pain
Case Management

Acupuncture: Right-side in Wood-Order of GB44, SI2, ST43, LI5, UB40 plus Earth points GB41, UB65, SI3, and LI3 for her constitution as a Greater Yin and Lesser Yin combination (aka Deficient Fire-Earth-Metal and Excessive Water-Wood in five elements, Kapha in Ayurveda, Cold-Dry Melancholic in Unani, ESFJ in Myers-Briggs, Soeumin in Sasang herbal medicine, Affiliation in Need Theory, Conscientious in DiSC, and Analytical in Social Styles).

Treatment Process: 10 acupuncture treatments 3 years ago for rectocele surgery was successful. One year later, 6 treatments were helpful for stress and pelvic pain from sitting all day at work. Another year later, 3 acupuncture treatments were helpful for right shoulder pain from too much computer work. Recently, the patient had another surgical procedure, which was like an episiotomy, for a growing cyst near rectum. 6 treatments again reduced much pain and accelerated recovery. 

Discussion: 3 years ago, the initial 6 visits in Metal-Order for rectocele post-surgery was helpful but a switch to Wood-Order was even more helpful. The patient came back for 3 courses of acupuncture in 3 years. A repetition of Wood-Order every time was predictably helpful, indicating these points are constitutional. 

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