David Lee
166 North Moorpark Road, #201. Thousand Oaks, California 91360
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
September 25, 2019
49 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Nasal Allergies, Sinusitis
Case Management

Complaints: Chronic and constant post-nasal drip. It was disrupting sleep and his performance as a teacher. Food elimination diet such as dairy, nuts, gluten, eggs, and meat did not help. Medications were only temporarily and mildly helpful.  

Acupuncture: Right-side Yang horary points in Metal-Order of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36.

Treatment process: After the first treatment, his sinus was immediately drier. It was still better two days later at the second visit. Each treatment was additionally helpful. By the 6th visit in 3 weeks, the sinus discharge was maintaining an improvement of at least 80%.

Discussion: His clean and healthy diet, along with being reactive to acupuncture, were probably contributing factors for such a dramatic improvement.    

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