Mark Moshchinsky
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25 years exp

Total years in practice: 25

Publish Date
December 13, 2019
32 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Chronic Pain
Medical History

The girl in her mid-thirties came to do PEMF Therapy (which I provide at my acupuncture clinic) originally due to pain and harm done by medications and remedies to that according to her she had an adverse reaction.

Case Management

After the PEMF treatment, the woman did not get instant results and became mad and slammed the door. After speaking to her, she told me about her problems. The patient's mother committed suicide, her husband did not encourage her and she had an abusive father. Her mother would lock her up accusing her of making up"health problem stories". She said, she had nothing to live for and felt that her mother committed suicide because she could not see her suffer from pain. ( I suggested she talk to a psychologist about her concerns, but she didn't seem to be amenable to it).


In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine depression and sadness are connected to the Lungs, Spirit with the Heart.


Her anger turned to regret and I tried to comfort her and offered free acupuncture with PEMF with the focus on depression and pains.


After the acupuncture treatment with few scalp needles and the PEMF mat set on her head to produce a stronger antidepressant outcome, she seemed much better and said her pain was much better, (acupuncture has a lot of protocols for depression and FDA has cleared PEMF treatment for depression).

She felt much better with her pain and it PEMF therapy helped her with relief from pain.

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