Jacquie nelson Walburn
Diet Therapy
12801 Wild Goose St
4 years exp

Total years in practice: 4

Publish Date
May 25, 2018
57 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
High Blood Pressure, Prediabetes, Stress
Acupuncture,Chiropractic,Exercise,Functional Medicine,Herbal Therapy,Naturopathic Medicine,Diet Therapy
Medical History

57 year old robust, athletic male who had been exposed  heavy childhood antibiotic use, and has a very high stress job. He had also got tonsillectomy and came to me with Parkinson's.

Case Management
Multiple specialists unwilling to make diagnosis with rapid downward spiral into neurodegenerative state losing ability to take care of self/live alone & considering help, etc.
Started AIP - shopping list, meal plans, target foods specific to 'I don't cook' + support botanicals. 
2 weeks stopped progression, 30 days started reversal, 60 days fully independently functional, continued improvements for a year.

  1. chiropractor - little effect
  2. acupuncture - little effect
  3. Naturopath - diagnosis of Parkinson's, prediabetic, candida overgrowth, leaky gut, low testosterone, low methylation, low antioxidants, low omegas, adrenal fatigue leading to adjustments in nutritional and botanical support.
  4. Reiki practitioner - energy fields, emotional stress release, hiatal hernia discovered lead to more tweaks to program.
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